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Recruiting 101

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Recruiting 101

Post  Yullianna Nevendaar on Sat Oct 30, 2010 8:06 pm

Well I was asked today by Emajem, how it is that I am so successful at recruiting new members. One thing that helps is I have a very successful guild of my own on the live servers. It affords me the time to be here helping OoK build it's ranks and also gives me a new home with some great friends.

My secret to recruiting is being polite, not forceful, and most of all understanding. I had struggled for about 6 months of coming up with a way to recruit people with out coming across as being rude. In game channel recruiting DOES NOT work. And you will find it is the fastest way to end up on a bunch of peoples ignore list.

The best way of doing it is to find the area that people are hanging out in that they have had their taste of the game, and they want a lil more of the pie. For instance, On the good side of things right after the introduction phase of the game, they end up in Qeynos. Then they start questing in the area around Qeynos. This is a great spot to recruit people. I do this by using macros.

Open up your social window, "o" key I believe. Click on any empty space and create your macro. Now just name it. I named mine private recruit. after doing that type the following information in the command line. You dont have to use my exact words but you will get the point. /t %T Hello %T, my name is Yullianna and I am a member of Order of Knowledge. I noticed that you don't appear to be in a guild. Would you be interested in joining a casual, family friendly guild? If not sorry to have bothered you. Thank you.

The (%t) in the above macro basically sends a tell to the person you have targeted by left clicking on them. This sends a very polite message to that person about them joining your guild. Now at this point it is up to you. Be ready to back up what you preach. Almost everyone will ask questions. Answer them truthfully. If done correctly you can recruit on average 10 people per day.

I hope this information helps everyone. If you need any assistance send Yullianna an ingame mail and I will send the information to you..


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