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Contest this Weekend!

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Contest this Weekend!

Post  Luthvian on Mon Apr 04, 2011 9:31 pm

Hey Everyone!

Firstly, to let you all know, Bohica has been deployed in service of the United States Military. How does this effect all of you? He is a master of EQ econ (if only we could find a way for him to apply this to real life, we'd be richer than Bill Gates), and transfered 300 plat to me before deactivating his Gold account. I did donate some to the guild, but I'm not sure how much he expects me to give him back when he returns, so I'm being conservative (though if the guild needs cash for anything, let me know). Anyway, I've decided to run a contest this weekend and pay out some rewards. Here's the gist:

Contest starts Friday, April 8 at 1200 (noon) eastern standard time
The contest is to generate as much status for the guild as possible (let's push for level 70!)
There will be five level categories:
1 - Levels 1-20 Award: 50gp
2 - Levels 21-40 Award: 1pp
3 - Levels 41-60 Award: 1pp, 50gp
4 - Levels 61-80 Award: 2pp
5 - Level 81+ Award: 2pp, 50gp
Contest ends Monday, April 11 at 1200 (noon) eastern standard time
Must accrue at least 500 new status points during the contest period to qualify.

Now, for those of you on Silver or Bronze that can't house that much coinage, you can give me a list of items you'd like/need and I can purchase on the broker for you up to your award amount, I can buy you tradeskill fuels (since they sell back to the vendor for the same amount you pay for them) so you can just keep those stashed somewhere if you have bank/house vault slots for it, I can mail it to you in small amounts (a mail message will stay in your inbox for 30 days, so you can just claim it out of there as you have room for it), I can start a ledger entry for you on an excel sheet and you can just hit me up every time you are looking for something on the broker (essentially start a coin bank for you through my own toon), or any other way you want me to do it.

If we have a high level tailor and/or carpenter in the guild who could build bags and boxes with mega slots for me to add to these rewards, I'd really appreciate it (I'll pay for any costs incurred in producing the combines).

I am going to need sign ups for this (I've got a four year old, one year old, cat, and apartment to take care of all by myself in Bohica's absence, so I don't really have time to go through the guild roster). If you'd like to participate, please post your character's name you wish to enter (if you have multiple, go ahead and enter as many as you'd like), level, and "guild status" as of Friday morning (you can find this by bringing up the guild screen ((U is the hotkey for it by default)), and clicking on the members tab. Your guild status is the number under the status column that appears in blue). Please let me know in game (toons I'm usually on now are Lyaria and Nysell) when you go to enter this so I can verify. If you would like to throw your name in the hat early (this might help generate more takers if others see that people are signing up) but don't want to preclude yourself from gaining any status between now and Friday, go ahead and post your toon name and level and leave status out of it. Just make a new post on Friday morning with your status at the start of the competition period.

Alright then! I hope people decide to participate!


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Re: Contest this Weekend!

Post  chefgeno27 on Sat Apr 23, 2011 2:49 am

You are in my prayers. I lost a brother to Desert Shield(us navy). Be safe.


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