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Raiding group idea

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Raiding group idea

Post  Durrandal on Thu Dec 02, 2010 8:06 pm

Just an idea to be discussed:

We could create an internal goup within the guild for people who want to do raids in a more organised way. The group would have their own set of rules (for example: if you miss a raid you signed up for, you loose the loot queue on your next raid. This is just an example and shouldn't be suggesting that people need this rule, unless the group decides so).

Obviously all current guild rules would need to be followed within the group.
The group would need a leader (i think voting would be the best way to choose one but if you have any other suggestions, post them here).
We could change one of the rank names to reflect the membership of the group, this would make identifying raiders easier.
There is a member point system implemented in EQ2 which the group could use (currently not being used by the guild).

Question is(are): do we need a raiding group, how many people would we need to get the group started (no point in having 2 hardcore raiders, any 2 randome people raiding are hardcore anyway), who would you appoint to be the leader, would you make a good leader, what rules should the group have?

I have absolutely no expirience in that kind of gaming so if i left anything out, don't hasitate to point it out.

Setting this up (including forums section) shouldn't take longer than few minutes if you guys decide we go ahead with it.


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Re: Raiding group idea

Post  Yullianna Nevendaar on Fri Dec 03, 2010 6:26 pm

Emajem this is a great topic. As I have progressed through the game with Vermithrax, I have had the pleasure of teaming with Vagus, Norsescoph, Lahna, and Lekah. I believe together the 5 of us have made a great team. But as you can see buy our group we are tank heavy. That is why I had created Dodeno. He is now a level 61 Assassin and our group seriously needed the DPS. Now I don't know how these guys mentioned above feel about raiding, but as a group, we have tackled many dungeons of our level. Some of them a lil higher than us, just to get the XP.

We as a group have a standard rule for looting. Need b4 Greed. I think this is one of the best features of looting there is. As for leadership of our group. I (VERM) have always enjoyed taking the lead with tanking, but I have also learned to trust Norse and Vagus. If I start loosing to much health, then they taunt and pick it up till I am at full health thanks to Lahna and Lekah. Trust is the key word. We do a great deal together the five of us. Some have even called Norse, Vagus and myself the bad boyzz of the guild cuz we seem to have way to much fun.

I would like to see us do raids, but as you said, a group of a couple people does not make a raid group. But If we do raid, you are correct there needs to be some organization. I think one of the three of us, Vagus, Norse or myself would be willing to take the role of raid leader. As i see it though, we currently have only a couple high level healers in our guild. If we set up a raid group, we will need healers to help. And I am not referring to plated healers either. I mean Mystic and Wardens. Lets see where this topic goes but I would be interested in helping to organize and plan one of these groups.



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