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Yulliana Nevendaar

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Yulliana Nevendaar

Post  Yullianna Nevendaar on Sun Oct 31, 2010 12:01 am

Hi my name is Yullianna, my friends call me Yuli. In RL my name is Jim. Yullianna is the name of one of my 3 grand daughters. I live in the blistering state of Arizona, USA. Actually where I live in AZ, its a great temp all year round.

I am married to my second wife. I have two daughters and one son from my previous wife. And 2 years ago was blessed with my first grand daughter. And then again last March my second. I am a surgical nurse by day, and OoK's Guild recruiter by nite. I enjoy Eq2 as I have been playing it now since inception date. I play Eq2x now, but have a well established guild on EQ2 live on the Antonia Bayle Server.

I enjoy long walks on the beach, moonlight dinners.. oh wait.. this isn't E-Harmony. Darn.

Yullianna Nevendaar

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Luthvian, no last name, like Cher

Post  Luthvian on Tue Nov 02, 2010 8:09 pm

/shrug. Figured I'd introduce myself here too I guess Smile

I am Luthvian, as well as Kaylib (she'll be added to the guild later). I respond to either toon name. I generally note Kaylib more because that was my first ever EQ toon name. I started playing EQ II back in 2006 when Bohica and I moved in together. He has been playing since EQ II launched, but I'm newer at the whole thing. We've played sporadically, off and on for the past four years. We were quite excited to see the free accounts on EQ II E, since free is something we can currently afford lol! We hope to upgrade account status somewhat soon, but not really sure when.

IRL I'm a stay at home mom, named Joey. I have three children, two of which are also Bohica's. The two youngest (the ones that are Bohica's too) live with us and provide much excitement and entertainment.

I guess that's it. So, hi and stuff Smile

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