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Game commands

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Game commands

Post  Durrandal on Sat Oct 30, 2010 11:33 am

List of commands i find useful:

/browser - opens ingame web browser
/claim - opens the claim menu containing veteran and welcoming rewards
/invite [playername] - invites player to your group regardles of his zone/server
/guild invite [playername] - invites player to guild
/wayp xxx, yyy, zzz - same as /waypoint, marks a waypoint on your current map to coordinates
/loc - returns your current coordinates and orientation (which way you are looking that is)
/afk - toggles the Away From Keyboard mode (this will display AFK next to your name in guild member list too and send and automatic AFK reply to all /tell )
/tell [playername] - sends private message to player
/gu - switches chat channel you currently typ in to guild channel
/g - switches to group channel
/s - switches to local say channel
/shout - switches to shout channel

There are full lists out there but regular person uses only few of them. I will update this topic as they come to me.


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